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Get on The Road This Summer!

Driving in Summer

There is something about the summer months that makes us all want to get outside and adventure and experience new things. When a bit of nice weather arrives we all find ourselves flocking to the seaside, theme parks or large open spaces where we can make the most of the sunshine before it goes again.


The media have reported this year that we are in for the hottest summer ever and although we hear this every year and are usually left disappointed, we still like to live in hope!


Learning to drive could be exactly what you need to have an unforgettable summer opening up a whole host of new places to visit. With GoGoGo Intensive you will learn everything you need to know in just 5 days to be able to confidently take your driving test at the end of the course.


The 5 day intensive course consists of classroom based sessions and practical on-the-road training. The classroom based learning uses state of the art technology to teach you the elements of driving that you will need to know to take your theory test and that can be applied when out on the roads. You will learn the fundamentals of driving and your course will be personally adapted as the week goes on to pinpoint your specific learning needs and focus points. By the end of the five days, you will have taken and hopefully passed your theory test and ready to book in for your practical test which we can fast track for you so you will not have to join the long waiting list that other learners have to.


It really is as simple as it says, join us for a course from Monday to Friday for one fixed price and we will have you ready to take your test by the time you finish with us. If you do not pass your test first time, we offer free corrective lessons on where you may need more attention.


Contact us today to book in and get out and about this summer!


  • Learn to drive in just 5 Days Free corrective #drivinglessons if you do not pass first time
  • Learn to drive with our 5Day Driving Courses #drivinglessons
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