6 Reasons You’ll Want to Learn to Drive ASAP

The Telegraph reported recently that a record number of teenagers are not learning to drive, with numbers showing a 30% decrease in the last decade. In that same time period, motoring website Honest John has reported that DVSA data obtained has shown a 20 percent drop in under-25s learning to drive.

With the total number of people taking their driving test falling by 100,000 since 2007-8, we’ve been looking at the benefits of learning on an intensive driving course, before the start of college or university. Believe it or not, there are some great reasons to learn, even if you won’t be driving yourself off to university!

  • Don’t become dependent on others – It’s widely known that stats like this impact parents the most, as it can set them up to become the ‘taxi service of mum and dad’ (now a prime time channel 4 TV show!) for as long as it takes their little angels to pass the driving test. Learn to drive in 5 days and you will not only make your parents immensely proud but relieve them of this duty. They will appreciate your efforts in the long run.
  • Working  – For many employers “do you have a driving licence” is often pretty high on the list of interview questions. Not necessarily because they need you to drive but because it demonstrates your ability to learn, commit to a task and develop your skills. It involves communication with your instructor and an ability to organise yourself. You will open up a great number of doors in terms of your career options simply by having a licence. No car is no excuse to put off learning.
  • Help out your family – You can also pay it forward for all those lifts you’ve nabbed in the past. Whether it’s family or friends, you’re in a position to help them out if you are fortunate enough to have your own wheels. A firm favourite is the shopping run at university but beware: don’t fall into the trap of being the only one with a car! Maybe recommend your flat mates take an intense driving course to lighten the load?
  • Start driving your insurance costs down now – Insurance is never going to be pretty when you first pass but the sooner you do, the sooner you start collecting those all-important no claims bonuses and your insurance goes down. Essentially the faster you learn to drive, the quicker you can save on your insurance. You should also consider taking the next step when passing with the Advanced Driving Course. This along with our other after care options will help drive that cost down and improve your driving skills!
  • Skills for life, not just for the road – While the main advantage of passing your test is the ability to get behind the wheel, it’s not the only takeaway of learning to drive. Even on a 5 day course, you will see improvements in your navigation skills, your patience with people (and other road users) and your co ordination. You’ll gain a basic understanding of how a car actually works, become more aware of your surroundings and one of our favourites, you will learn how to deal with distractions. This is a great skill to have in your toolbox before starting university or your career.
  • Freedom  Thinking of planning a break next bank holiday? Visiting friends around the country? Got a mountain of washing to lug home or off on a work retreat? You may even meet your soul mate and plan on running away and spending your first summer break together. Whatever the scenario, it will be made 100 times easier if you have a licence. The sooner you pass your test, the sooner you gain the freedom to go where you want, when you want. No one of any age wants to be using a green licence as ID either so call us today!

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