Road Trip or Weekend Getaway, Where Will You Go?

The freedom of being able to drive whenever you want and wherever you want is one of the many benefits to getting your driver’s license entails. But how are you going to utilise this new found sense for adventure?

Not having to worry about public transport and sitting is another major benefit. After all whose going to miss sitting next to sweaty strangers on a cramp train or bus in the summer? Instead, you have absolute control of your destiny and the aux lead in your very own car.

Windows down, tunes up and wind blowing in your hair. You’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner. But have you ever thought about where you’ll actually go? How about a fascinating journey through Europe? Rent a car and be the master of your own sightseeing tour.

Road trips in the summer or weekend getaways in the winter, where would your ideal place to go be?

We’ve come up with a list of some of the best places to travel by car in Europe, so get your engines started and be ready for a weekend full of adventure.

Germany – Cruising through the quaint cobbled towns of Trier in Germany, you’ll find some of Europe’s ancient Roman remains. Trier is the perfect weekend getaway destination if you want to unwind and discover some of the greatest archaeological museums. View the picturesque sights of the Moselle Valley or find some adventurous walking trails!

Luxembourg – If you’re driving through Trier, you might as well stop in Luxembourg! Visiting Luxembourg you will experience both traditional and modern aspects of this little city, where there are endless tourist attractions! Add it to your driving adventure stop list.

Iceland – If you really want a change of scenery and to experience breath-taking views (including volcanoes, waterfalls and lava plains), then Iceland is the place to go! You can witness some incredible sights just driving along the south coast which is the second most popular sightseeing trip just after Reykjavik. Well worth the rental of a car many choose to explore Iceland this way.

Ireland – The Ring of Kerry in Ireland is one of the most famous destinations for an incredible driving route. Discover spectacular landscapes that you simply cannot miss. Lakes, greenery, white sandy beaches and mountains. Ireland actually has it all. Visit for yourself and find out why this is Irelands most famous driving route.

The list of places to visit is endless. They’re not just limited to these suggestions. So start planning your route now!

Let us know in the comments some of your favourite places to drive and why. We might even update the list if they’re good enough.

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