Covid-19 Terms & Conditions

With COVID-19 expected to still be a risk for a long time to come, and social distancing to some degree necessary post lockdown, we have put measures in place to make our classroom training and driver training as risk free as possible for you, our staff and our instructors.

On arrival you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire regarding your health and about others that you have had contact with. If you display any symptoms of Covid-19 or you have been in contact with somebody who displays the symptoms then you will need to self- isolate for 14 days and you will not be allowed to continue with the course. Any time owed will be carried forward to a mutually convenient time for both of us.

You will need to arrive with your own face mask, which you need to wear all the time both in the classroom and in the car. You need to bring your own hand sanitiser and your own pen as to use ours would just increase the risk of infection to all of us.

Classroom Training

The entrance to the classroom is on the left hand side of the building and is a one way system. To gain entry, ring the bell and when the door is opened please follow the social distancing markings on the floor. You will be met by a member of the team who will tell you what to do.

The classroom has been partitioned off in to booths with Perspex screens. Your booth has your name on it and please do not use any booth other than yours for the duration of the course. The booths, desk, keyboard and monitor are disinfected daily with Bacoban, a Long-term surface disinfection. Bacoban is 3 in 1 – cleaning, disinfection and coating, widely used by the NHS in operating theatres. You can remove your mask when seated in your booth. We have been advised to keep the windows slightly open both in the classroom and in car, so it is advisable you wear appropriate clothing. It is also imperative that your arms and legs are protected by freshly laundered clothing, each day and that you are not wearing open shoes.

In Car Training

Your instructor will meet you outside of the classroom door, so please follow the one way system and do not use the door that you came in by. Your instructor will brief you at a 2 metre distance and you must wear your mask when you are in the car. The car is sanitised in accordance with Driving Instructor Association guidelines (DIA) after every lesson.

Intensive Courses Reduce the Risk of Covid-19

Instructors offering intensive courses come in to contact with far fewer driving pupils during the course of the week. They generally only have one main pupil for the week and therefore the risk of contracting COVID-19, or spreading it is considerably reduced by both you and your instructor.

Our courses are subject to Government guidance and likely to change at any time.