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I'm So Grateful!
I’m so grateful to GoGoGo for helping me pass my test and I couldn’t be more pleased with my result, thanks guys!
- Melusi Dube
I Passed First Time!
Super happy about my driving test result, I passed the first time! GoGoGo has been more than helpful throughout, thanks guys.
- Rhys Hills
I Can't Believe it!
I can’t believe I passed my driving test first time! I’m over the moon and couldn’t be more proud of myself, thank you GoGoGo.
- Lily Kilby
Driving Lessons for Bedfordshire
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December 2023


GoGoGo Intensive meet the intensive driving lessons Bedfordshire needs!

Perfect for those in Bedfordshire looking for an intensive driving school, GoGoGo Intensive is the smart way to pass your driving test quickly and efficiently. Our 5 day driving course is unrivalled by regular weekly driving lessons in Bedfordshire – turning you into a capable and confident driver.

GoGoGo Intensive run intensive driving courses with a proven track record from our unique training centre in Peterborough. If you live in Bedfordshire, don’t let the location put you off – our services and success are certainly worth the price and quick journey. We’re not only close to the train station, but to rival any driving school in Bedfordshire, we offer reduced accommodation rates at the nearby Queensgate Hotel – and we can even book a room on your behalf.

To us, you are more than just a number; we want to give you a personal learning experience that Bedfordshire driving lessons cannot. We have learner drivers from all around the UK travel to pass their driving test with us!

Save time and money with GoGoGo

Based on the DVSA statistics, by joining our driving school rather than taking weekly lessons with a Bedfordshire-based driving instructor, you could also save up to £500. You don’t need to chop-and-change your schedule weekly, hoping a driving lesson in Bedfordshire is free when you are. That’s not to mention the time saved in waiting for your theory test and actual practical driving test.

Why choose an intensive course?

Five-day driving courses are recognised as the most efficient and cost-effective method of obtaining your driving licence. Time is a luxury, so with a quick turnaround time to passing your test, now is the best time to consider an intensive driving school.

If you have any questions whether it be about your theory test, practical test or even general road safety, our Go Learning Hub has all the answers you need!

Our BedFord Students

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Chloe Williamson – Peterborough
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Richard Virgin
Richard Virgin – Peterborough
This is Richard Virgin from Peterborough who recently passed his...
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Aimee Cross
Aimee Cross – March
CONGRATULATIONS to Aimee Cross from March who has just passed...
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Jolanta Kirsteine
CONGRATULATIONS to Jolanta Kirsteine from Peterborough who has just passed...
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Caiden Ainley
Caiden Ainley – Peterborough
WELL DONE to Caiden Ainley from Peterborough 👏🏻 Caiden began...
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