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GoGoGo Intensive is your quick, efficient way to becoming road smart and passing your driving test. Taking no shortcuts, our five-day intensive driving lessons turn you from a complete car novice to a confident, safe driver. Perfect for those in Cambridge looking for an intensive driving school.

GoGoGo Intensive run our courses with a proven track record from our unique training centre in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire where you will begin the first stage of the learning process. If you live in Cambridge, don’t let the location put you off. We’re not only close to the train station and bus stops, but we offer reduced accommodation rates and personally cater courses to you.

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Why Choose an Intensive Course?

5day driving courses are recognised as the most efficient and cost-effective method of obtaining your driving licence. According to the DVSA Statistics, the average driver needs around 45 hours of driving lessons and 20 hours practice with families before they are ready to take their driving test. As students typically take up to a week in between each lesson, the total time it can take to prepare for your test can build up, costing you time and money. With GoGoGo, you will utilise our unique lesson structure so that there is less lesson overlap and more time spent on the road gaining practical experience. 

Our Promise To You

At GoGoGo we care about each and every one of our students. No two students will learn in the same way so we’ll cater your intensive driving course to you. We’ll provide you with a friendly instructor who will guide and support you throughout your course so you can feel safe and confident on the road.

Book your driving course now!

Interested in finding out more about GoGoGo Intensive and our intensive five-day driving courses? Get in touch with us today and a member of our staff will be more than happy to go through our course and learning methods.

Ready to get started? View our bookings page, email us at enquiries@gogogointensive.com or call us on 01733 314151 to reserve your space today!

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