I'm So Grateful!

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I’m so grateful to GoGoGo for helping me pass my test and I couldn’t be more pleased with my result, thanks guys!

I Passed First Time!

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Super happy about my driving test result, I passed the first time! GoGoGo has been more than helpful throughout, thanks guys.

I Can't Believe it!

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I can’t believe I passed my driving test first time! I’m over the moon and couldn’t be more proud of myself, thank you GoGoGo.
Driving School Cambridge
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I'm So Grateful!

5 5 1
I’m so grateful to GoGoGo for helping me pass my test and I couldn’t be more pleased with my result, thanks guys!
Driving School Cambridge
0.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 0 out of 5 based on 0 reviews.

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December 2019


Who needs driving lessons, Cambridge? Here’s a 5 day driving school!

That’s right, you can pass your driving test (including your theory test) in as little as 5 days. GoGoGo Intensive is your quick, efficient way to becoming road smart and passing your driving test. Taking no shortcuts, our five-day intensive driving lessons turn you from a complete car novice to a confident, safe driver. Perfect for those in Cambridge looking for an intensive driving school.

We run our courses with a proven track record from our unique training centre in Peterborough where you will begin the first stage of the learning process. If you live in Cambridge, don’t let the location put you off. We’re not only close to the train station, but we offer reduced accommodation at the Queensgate Hotel with a bed and breakfast service, and personally cater courses to you.

The driving school Cambridge needs

So why choose an intensive course over lessons? 5 day driving courses are recognised as the most efficient and cost-effective method of obtaining your driving licence. According to the DVSA Statistics, the average driver needs around 45 hours of driving lessons and 20 hours of practice with families before they are ready to take their driving test.

As students typically take up to a week in between each lesson, the total time it can take to prepare for your test can build up, costing you time and money. With GoGoGo, you will utilise our unique lesson structure so that there is less lesson overlapping and more time spent on the road gaining practical experience.

We care about each and every one of our students; no two students will learn in the same way so we’ll cater your intensive driving course to you. We’ll provide you with a friendly instructor who will guide and support you throughout your course so you can feel safe and confident on the road.

  • Courses run 9am-4:30pm Monday to Friday in our Peterborough training centre
  • Only 49 minutes by train from Cambridge or a 57-minute drive!
  • Lessons are structured and taught via presentation initially to ensure reduced kerbside instruction – maximising focus on teaching
  • Morning theory lessons, then afternoon driving time
  • All lessons are one-to-one sessions with a fully qualified DVSA driving instructor
  • Free corrective lessons if you don’t pass first time

Our Cambridge Students

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Amelia Smith

Amelia Smith – Cambridge

Ahh, the sweet sweet smell of success - it never...
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Angus Parsonson – Cambridge

Angus Parsonson from Cambridge started last Monday and passed (first...
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Leonard Layton

Leonard Layton – Cambridge

I passed first time with only 4 faults. I was...
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Amber Gaylor – Cambridge

I attended a 5 day intensive driving course with Go...
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Tyler Hyvonen – Cambridge

I passed both my theory test and practical test first...
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Why Go Go Go?

Go Local
We Are Based In Peterborough

Go Personal
Training That Is Tailored To You

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Go Quality
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Go Pass
We Have A High Success Rate

90+% Pass Rate

We believe our 90+% pass rate comes from our effective method of driving lessons. With conventional lessons, students typically go a week without having their next lesson, their memory retention can rescind due to the lack of frequency of each lesson. This isn’t to say this method of learning is not progressive or faulty as many students still pass this way. However, the brain can retain information best if you are driving for 1 to 2 lessons per week as the knowledge is fresh in the mind.

Learn to Drive in No Time!

Our 5 day driving courses are also cost-effective and timely, allowing you to pass in a short space of time, which is why our driving lessons in Cambridgeshire are widely popular, giving students time to focus on college, university or work.

At GoGoGo Intensive, we care about our students and take it upon ourselves to deliver great results so they can learn in the most effective way possible.

From 9AM - 4:30PM

We also have a qualified driving examiner with 20 years’ experience who regularly reviews our course. You don’t need to worry about receiving a quality level of service, our examiners will regularly appraise our business to ensure that you receive the highest standard of teaching possible.

Only 49 Minutes Travel From Cambridge

We’re in a great location for anyone living in Cambridge. We’re a short distance from the city centre meaning it’ll only take you 49 minutes on the train. We also have a bed and breakfast option if you wish to stay over for the week in a luxury hotel around the corner from our offices.

So why wait to start driving when you could be our next successful student, passing in just 5 days! Book your test today and we’ll get you started on your journey.