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Advanced Driving Top Tips

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Wondering how to become a safer, more confident driver? Learning advanced driving techniques will make that possible. Championed by the likes of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, advanced driving is seen as the pathway to a more calm and composed life behind the wheel.

Below are four quick tips to introduce you to the world of advanced driving.

Think ahead

The less you use your brakes, the more fuel efficient and smooth your journey will be. If you think about it, every time you brake, you’re reducing your car’s forward momentum. It’s much better to ease off the accelerator in advance than wait until you need to use the brakes, as you’ll spend less time on the throttle – and will burn less fuel.

Thinking ahead and anticipating what the cars ahead of you will do has numerous advantages, and is a key pillar of advanced driving.

Keep your engine happy

Paying attention to your rev counter will not only help you look after your engine, but can save you plenty of fuel too. Try not to let your revs drop to below 1,500 rpm when you’re accelerating or cruising, as this can ‘lug’ the engine, placing additional wear on internal components. It also harms fuel economy, as does revving your engine too high.

Most engines are at their happiest and most fuel efficient at between 1,500 and 3,000 rpm.

Maintain an appropriate gap to the car in front

Following too closely behind another vehicle can not only be dangerous, it can lead to an uncomfortable ride for passengers, and sub-par fuel economy. You should maintain enough of a gap so that you can clearly see the road ahead of the car you’re following. The car in front might not anticipate a hazard in good time, which could mean the difference between you getting into an accident and driving away unharmed.

Keep the road conditions in mind

You should always drive in line with the road conditions. If visibility is poor or the road surface is slick, adjust your driving accordingly and drop your speed if necessary, ensuring you have plenty of time to anticipate hazards which lie ahead and react to them.

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