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Driving In A Busy City – Top 6 Things You Should Know

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If due care and attention is given then driving in a busy city should be a smooth and safe experience. However, we understand that driving on quiet roads in the Scottish countryside is a very different kettle of fish to navigating the bustling streets of London for instance. So, we’ve put together a handy guide including the top 6 things we think you should know about driving in a busy city.


1. Watch out for pedestrians

This goes without saying, and of course it’s important to look out for pedestrians wherever you are driving. However, in cities there will be a lot more people and cyclists to watch out for. If a bus has pulled in at a bus stop or you’re driving along a side street with cars parked either side, it’s especially important to watch out for any hidden pedestrians who may step out into the road right in front of you.

We generally recommend driving slower in busy cities to minimise the risk of colliding with someone.


2. Watch out for one-way streets

One-way streets exist all over the country, but it’s especially important to watch out for them in cities as driving the wrong way and against the flow of the traffic could cause an accident.


3. Watch out for bus lanes and pedestrianised zones

You’re in the middle of a city stuck in a traffic jam and you see what appears to be a completely empty lane ahead. However, an empty lane in a busy street may turn out to be a bus lane, so it’s always a good idea to check first. If you’re caught driving in a bus lane, you may have to pay a fine so we wouldn’t recommend using them.


4. Keeping calm and managing anxiety

Whether it’s a feeling of being hemmed in, not knowing how long you could be waiting for, or getting frustrated at other drivers or cyclists swerving in front of you, heavy traffic can cause some drivers to feel anxious. However, we recommend putting on some soothing music (using a hands-free device), focusing on what’s directly in front of you, and taking things slowly. This takes us on to our next point…


5. Allow plenty of time

If you’re driving in a busy city you should expect to encounter traffic on your journey. That’s why we recommend giving yourself a little extra time to get to your destination. If you need to get to work or you’ve got a job interview for a dream job, then you don’t want to be late because of traffic. By allowing plenty of time you can arrive in good time and feel cool as a cucumber.


6. Getting back on track if you’re lost

If it’s your first time driving in a particular city you may want to use a sat-nav if you’re worried about getting lost. If you notice that you’ve taken a wrong exit on a roundabout or you’ve taken a wrong turn, don’t worry! You can either follow the signs or pull over in a safe space and check the sat-nav to help get you back on track.


In short, the top things you need to know about driving in a busy city is to keep calm, allow plenty of time for your journey and watch out for pedestrians and key road signs. You can apply all the tips outlined in this article to driving in cities like Peterborough, Lincoln, and Cambridge.

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