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Should I Do an Intensive Course?

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So, the time has come: you’re ready to start the process of learning to drive. You might think this means committing to months and months of arduous training and preparation, before taking a test you still have no guarantee of passing. And traditionally, that’s how it always went.

But with the emergence of intensive 5-day driving courses, that need no longer be the case. Widely considered to be the most efficient and affordable way of passing your driving test, these courses have transformed the way people learn to drive.

How does it work?

At GoGoGo Intensive, we utilise ‘progressive’ learning methods to teach you everything you need to know to pass the theory and practical elements of the driving test in just 5 days. Hard to believe, isn’t it? But it works – we have a 90% pass rate.

Beginning at our newly-built classroom, located next to the Peterborough United football stadium, our courses run from 9:00 to 16:30 Monday to Friday. We’ll begin by preparing you for the theory test and conducting mock tests, and once you’re consistently passing them, we’ll book the real test on your behalf for later in the week.

We also conduct a number of presentations focusing on the practical skills required to drive safely on the open road, preparing you for your first sessions behind the wheel. With the theory aspects covered in the classroom, once you get in the driving seat you’ll be free to focus on your driving skills, refining and developing them in readiness for your practical test.

Our DVSA-accredited driving instructors will ensure you’re comfortable and safe at all times, while preparing you for your test. We can even fast-track your test booking free of charge, making it possible to pass in no time.

What if I don’t pass?

Even though our driving instructors will let you know when they feel you’re ‘test-ready,’ it’s normal to be nervous on the day and allow mistakes to creep into your driving. If you do fail your practical or theory test, we’ll provide free correction lessons to bring you back up to speed and prepare you to give it another go.

90% of our students do pass though, and we offer a free assessment of their driving six months after they obtain their full licence. This gives new drivers a chance to ask questions of their instructor and continue driving with peace of mind, knowing that they’re as safe as they can be. Further, benefits include a free affiliate membership to The Institute of Advanced Motorists and the ability to take an advanced driving course once you’ve passed.

If you want the TL;DR answer to the question posed at the beginning of this article, then yes – you should take an intensive driving course! To find out more about our driving school in Peterborough, explore our site or contact us today. Our other Go Learning articles have all the information you need about driving, tests and road law.

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