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How Do I Get Better At Roundabouts?

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If there’s one thing that can fill a learner driver with dread more than anything else, it’s the roundabout. You’re happily driving along and then all of a sudden you’re told to ‘get in lane’. For a learner driver, it’s easy to second guess your capabilities. Left, right – or perhaps it’s the middle lane? In this guide, we’re going to explain as simply as we can how to get in the right lane when approaching a roundabout. We’re also offering some simple tips that will help you pass your driving test and use a roundabout with confidence.

A typical roundabout has three or four exits. In some cases, there can be as many as seven, or just two.

How do you know which lane to be in at a roundabout?

To ace the roundabout you need to put your best foot forward by choosing the right lane with confidence. You will choose wrong sometimes. Even the most experienced drivers can slip-up when in unfamiliar territory. So, it’s also important to know what to do if you choose the wrong lane.

As a typical rule of thumb these are the lanes you need:

1st exit (turning left) – left lane
Straight ahead – mostly left lane, but sometimes will signal for you to use a different lane
3rd exit (turning right) – right lane
4th exit (U-turn) – right lane

For larger roundabouts, there will often be text on the roads with road numbers and place names. There should also be clear roadside signs marking the destinations for each exit.

It’s important to know that you won’t fail your test for choosing the wrong lane on a roundabout. However, you will need to get back on track and avoid making any big mistakes. It’s all about how you react. If you keep your cool and stick to the rules of the roundabout, you can’t go wrong.

Here are some helpful tips on how to use the roundabout:

  • Always give way to traffic that’s already on the roundabout
  • Take your time – it’s better to wait for a clear gap than risk cutting another driver up
  • Don’t hesitate – you don’t want to hold up traffic unnecessarily either, so when there’s a good opportunity, you should take it
  • Use your mirrors to check before travelling into a new lane or when leaving the roundabout
  • Remember to use your indicators!
  • Don’t panic if you get into the wrong lane – just follow the rules of the road

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