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What Are Advanced Driving Lessons?

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If you hold a full driving licence in the UK, you can take advanced driving lessons to improve your overall driving performance or hone in on specific skills.

Whether you want to refresh your knowledge, boost your confidence or improve your handling skills in adverse weather conditions, there are many reasons you may want to have advanced driving lessons. But how do you know which course is right for you?



Which advanced driving course is right for me?

Below we’ve listed some of the top types of advanced driving courses you can take.


Pass Plus

Recently passed your driving test, but don’t feel as road savvy as you’d like? Pass Plus is a short driving course designed to help newly qualified drivers develop their driving skills and become more confident.

Whether you want to pick up some helpful tips for driving at night or in busy urban areas, Pass Plus can help you with all of these and more.

Perfect for recently passed drivers, the course usually takes six hours in total and can be completed with any DVSA approved instructor.

This course is less formal than your practical driving test. Instead of a test at the end, your instructor will simply assess your performance as you’re driving.

Once completed to the required standard, you can apply for your certificate and head out onto the road feeling better prepared for a range of driving conditions and scenarios.


Motorway Lessons

If you want to use the motorway but feel unprepared, a few advanced lessons with a professional driving instructor could be highly beneficial.


Refresher Lessons

If you’ve been away from driving for a while but want to get back behind the wheel, refresher lessons could be a great way to refresh your knowledge and boost your confidence.


IAM RoadSmart Courses

IAM RoadSmart (Institute of Advanced Motorists) is a registered charity dedicated to improving road safety across the UK. At GoGoGo, we’ve partnered with IAM RoadSmart as part of our commitment to provide ongoing support and opportunities to develop your driving skills.


Comprehensive Advanced Driver Course

The comprehensive Advanced Driver course takes between three – six months to complete and is divided into manageable two-hour sessions. This is the perfect chance to focus on specific driving skills such as control, observations and dealing with unpredictable situations on the road. Once completed, you’ll be offered a full IAM membership.


Younger Driver Assessment

Designed for inexperienced drivers under the age of 26, the Young Driver Assessment includes an on-road assessment in your own car and one-to-one advice tailored to suit you.


Mature Driver Review

Useful for older drivers who want to sharpen their driving skills or who have lost confidence over the years, the Mature Driver Review is an informal course that can be completed in your own car with an instructor.

The idea behind advanced driving lessons is that you never stop learning on the roads, and these courses are designed to help you be a better, safer and more confident driver.


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