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Hazard Perception Tips To Get You Theory Test Ready

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Got a theory test coming up? Congratulations on reaching the first big milestone in your driving journey! Now all you need to do is brush up on some revision and take a quick look at our hazard perception tips to get you super ready for your test.

Take it easy on the clicks

It may be tempting to click your way through the hazard perception test. BUT, we don’t recommend getting too trigger-happy with the mouse. You could even fail your test if you click too often in a short space of time.

If you accidentally click when you weren’t supposed to, there’s no need to panic. One or two incorrect clicks shouldn’t impact your test score too significantly.

Know what to look for

So, how do you know when to click? Knowing what to look out for is key to passing the hazard perception test. For starters, it will help focus your mind. You may already know these details, but just as a quick reminder, you should only be clicking when you spot a potential hazard and again if that potential hazard develops into a scenario that you would need to respond to on the road.

The sooner you spot the potential and developing hazard, the higher you will score.

Revise and practice

As far as tips for taking a test go, revising and practicing are pretty standard pieces of advice. The good news is that there is relatively little knowledge that you need to revise for this test. It’s more of a practical and interactive based exercise. Therefore, practising can be really helpful.

There are plenty of free resources online to help you practice to your heart’s content before you take the test. This will help get you up to speed on how the test works and how to get top marks.

Apply to the road

Hazard perception is not just a test, it’s part of everyday driving experience. As you progress with your driving lessons, you should naturally pick up on the common hazards of the road which will be super helpful when it comes to taking your test.

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