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How Many Manoeuvres Are In A Driving Test?

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If you’re gearing up to take your driving test, you’ll want to be well versed in all the manoeuvres your examiner may ask you to perform on the big day. In this guide, we’re covering all the key examples you need to know.

Let’s start with the numbers. There are a total of four manoeuvres you may be asked to carry out during your driving test. Your examiner will only ask you to carry out ONE manoeuvre selected at random.

There’s no way of knowing which one you will be asked to do on the day. This means it’s important that you can effectively demonstrate all four manoeuvres. Most learner drivers have preferences, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get one that you’re super confident with.

If you need to build confidence with one or two manoeuvres, make sure you go over them with your instructor until it becomes second nature. Practice makes perfect!


What are the four driving test manoeuvres?

#1 & 2 – Forward and Reverse Bay Parking
Bay parking will help you park at a wide range of venues and facilities, from supermarkets and shopping centres to hospitals and train stations. A great many car parks involve the ability to reverse or drive into a space outlined with two white lines.

Your driving instructor will show you the ropes, helping you use your mirrors and indicators to safely and effectively reverse into a bay parking space. It’s important to make sure you’re between the white lines and aren’t too far forward or back.

#3 Parallel Parking
Parallel parking enables you to park in a designated space on the side of the road. With this type of parking, it’s important to make sure you’re safely signalling to other road users and making sure your car doesn’t jut out or come into contact with another parked vehicle.

#4 Pulling Up On The Right
Your driving examiner will ask you to pull up on the right-hand side of the road when it is safe to do so, prior to reversing back a couple of car lengths before safely getting back onto the road.


In summary

That’s it – those are the four manoeuvres you need to know for your driving test. You may have also heard of the three point turn. This is a former manoeuvre that is no longer part of the UK driving test.

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