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How To Book Your Practical Test In 3 Simple Steps

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You’ve completed your intensive driving course, passed several practical mocks with flying colours and your DVSA approved instructor has just confirmed that you’re ready to take your test – that’s great news! But what happens next? In this latest Go Learning article, we’re listing exactly how to book your practical test in three simple steps.


1. Book through the DVSA website

Did you know you can easily book the practical test yourself? Simply head over to the official DVSA website to complete your booking. 


2. Fill out your details and test preferences

Once you’ve followed the link to book your practical test, you will need to provide some simple details, including your driving licence number and whether you have any special requirements. We recommend that you choose a local test centre and allocate the same driving instructor and car that you used for your intensive course. As for a date and time, it’s completely up to you which slot you choose. 


3. Pay for your test


After you’ve filled out your essential details and chosen a suitable date, time and location, you can pay for your test. Once you’ve done that you’re all set. Just remember to save the date in your calendar as it’s not an appointment you want to forget!


We’ve designed our intensive driving course so that our learners can be ready to take their practical test after 5 full days. Of course, not everyone will be ready that soon, and that’s fine. Even if you are test-ready after 5 days, you may have to wait a few weeks depending on availability at your local test centre. 


If you are in a hurry, we can fast track your practical test FREE of charge. This can reduce the waiting time from months down to days. However, to use this service you must be already signed off by your driving instructor, as your test may be sooner than you think. 


At GoGoGo our intensive driving school Peterborough produces above average pass rates! If you think our 5-day course could be for you, visit our website to learn more. 

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