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How to Prepare for Your Practical Driving Test

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Few things are as daunting as taking your driving test, but the idea will seem a lot less scary if you’re well-prepared. Just like school and university exams, passing your driving test is all about knowing what’s expected of you and being as prepared as possible.

This doesn’t need to take months and months though: our intensive courses, run from our specialist driving school in Peterborough, can teach you all you need to know to pass your test in just five days. And if you don’t manage to nail it on your first attempt, we’ll even provide free corrective lessons to prepare you for your next shot at the test.

With a 90% pass rate, GoGoGo is a safe bet for driving lessons here in Peterborough. Here are four of our top tips to help you pass your test with flying colours.

Familiarise yourself with challenging areas

It’s crucial to master routes which are likely to come up on your test and get confident with tricky road layouts and roundabouts. If you’re learning here in Peterborough, you’ll want to practice the likes of the Eye Services roundabout and driving along Bourges Boulevard and Lincoln Road – key sections of the city’s road network which you’ll often have to travel along if you live here.

Understand what the test involves

Just so you know what to expect on the day and to make sure there are no hidden surprises, we’d recommend reading up on the practical driving test and understanding precisely what’s involved. This will help you to focus on the driving rather than worrying about what’s likely to come up next.

Get your manoeuvres down to a fine art

Manoeuvres are – and always will be – one of the most important aspects of the practical test, and most learners would agree that they’re also one of the most challenging parts to get to grips with. As with anything, though, practice makes perfect – so keep plugging away at it and refining your technique in the run-up to your test.

Build your confidence

There’s no substitute for hands-on experience, so keep getting as many miles under your belt as possible to get comfortable in the car. Even if you feel confident, trust us when we say that you never stop learning out on the roads: the more driving time you have, the better you’re likely to do on your test.

Driving school Peterborough

If you’re itching to pass your driving test and want to find a driving school in Peterborough who can show you the ropes and bring you up to speed quickly, look no further than GoGoGo Intensive. Explore our site to find out more about what we do and how it works, or contact us today. You can read our other Go Learning articles to learn more about passing your driving test.

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