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Revising For a Practical Driving Test: Best Practices

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At GoGoGo we aim to help people pass their test in as little as 5 days. To help we’re giving you the low-down on exactly how to revise for your practical driving test so you can show up prepared.

There are 5 key components of the practical test:


Eyesight Check


Before you step into your car you will be asked to read a number plate from a distance. This is a formality to check your eyesight is roadworthy.

Top Tip: If you wear glasses or contact lenses, make sure you take them with you on the test.


‘Show me, tell me’ questions


Designed to test your knowledge of safe driving and the car, you will be asked one ‘show me’ question and one ‘tell me’ question. The first one involves demonstrating something, such as switching on the headlights or using the horn. The second one involves simply saying the answer. The good news is there’s only so many questions you can be asked, so this part of the test definitely isn’t designed to trip you up. Just make sure you revise.

Top Tip: We recommend writing Q and A cards so you can test yourself each day when you have a spare moment.


For more information and examples of how to answer ‘show me, tell me’ questions, take a look at our blog.


General Driving


This is the longest component of your test, which involves general driving on the road. For this part of your test the examiner will give you directions. However, you will be responsible for remembering to follow the rules of the road and using the functions of your car appropriately. You will also be asked to perform a small manoeuvre, such as a hill start, pulling up at the side of the road, or an emergency stop.

Top Tip: Aside from possibly revising pedestrian crossings, speed limits, and the meanings of road signs, you will mostly just want to practice driving on the road to feel comfortable and confident.


Reversing Manoeuvre


You will be asked to perform one of three reversing manoeuvres, all of which are taught through your GoGoGo driving course. Learners tend to find there is one manoeuvre they are not so good at and that’s OK – sometimes it takes time to perfect parallel or bay parking.

Top Tip: Rather than revising, the best way to prepare for this part of the test is to practice until each one feels like second nature.


Independent Driving


Towards the end of the test you will be asked to follow road signs for a specific location. Remember, this is not testing your ability to navigate, rather your ability to drive safely and well. In other words, if you take a wrong turn, it doesn’t really matter.

Top Tip: If you’re not sure about how to interpret location based signs, your instructor will be more than happy to practice with you until you feel more confident.


We recommend checking out our Go Learning blog for all the latest tips and advice on how to revise for your practical driving test. If you’re looking to learn, GoGoGo offers an intensive 5 day driving course in Peterborough.

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