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When Can I Take My Driving Test?

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If you’re considering learning to drive you may wonder how soon you can take your driving test. At GoGoGo we offer an intensive 5 day driving course in Peterborough. Sound too good to be true?


Normally learner drivers only have a couple of hours driving tuition a week. However, we run whole day sessions with a tried and tested method to get you ready for your test within 5 days. Consistency and no long breaks between sessions is one of the key ways our learners develop confidence, knowledge, and experience so quickly.

Of course not everyone will be ready to take their test after 5 days, and that’s fine. You will have to pass a few practical mocks and your DVSA trained instructor will have to sign you off before putting you forward for a test.


So, when can I take the practical test?

While you may be ready after 5 days, you may not be able to take your test that soon. This will depend on what availability there is at the test centres.

However, if you are in a hurry, we can fast track your practical test FREE OF CHARGE reducing the waiting time from months down to days. To use this service, you must be signed off by your DVSA approved driving instructor as test ready.


When can I take the theory test?

You traditionally take the theory test before the practical one. We’ve designed the course so that you can take your theory test later in the week, after passing several mocks.


What if I don’t pass my test?

If you don’t pass your theory or practical test, we will offer free corrective lessons to give you a second chance.


If you’re interested in our 5 day driving crash course in Peterborough, you can visit our homepage, or contact us for more information.

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