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Knowing Your Car

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Getting your first car is an exciting milestone for many, and we’re revealing the top things you should know about your car to keep you safe and ready for the road.


Top 5 things everyone should know about their car:


1. Car warning lights

On modern cars, there are a number of warning lights that can show-up on your dashboard. Each symbol has a different meaning with some warning that your vehicle needs urgent attention. The lights work on a traffic light system, with red meaning there is a potentially serious problem and you should pull over when it is safe to do so. From more serious brake, engine temperature and airbag warnings, to less serious coolant level and tyre pressure warnings, your vehicle handbook should tell you what all the warning lights and symbols mean.


2. Tyre pressure

Your vehicle handbook should also tell you the recommended tyre pressure for your car. Something to bear in mind is that this may be different for your front and back tyres. It’s important not to over or under inflate your tyres as this can cause wear and tear.


3. Tyre Tread

Alongside your tyre pressure, you should also pay attention to the tread level as this ensures your tyres have enough grip on the road and perform at their optimum.

Currently, the legal tyre tread depth is 1.6mm, but it’s recommended that you change your tyres before they reach this level. You can check your tread by using a ruler across the inner, middle

and outer areas of the tyre.


4. What type of fuel does the car need?

Using the wrong type of fuel for your car can be costly, so it’s important to check before you fill-up whether your car needs diesel or petrol. Your fuel gauge should be clearly visible on your dashboard and inform you when you’re getting low.


5. How much oil to put in the car?

As long as your oil level is between the minimum and maximum mark on your dipstick then you should be fine. To find out what type of oil you need you can refer to your vehicle handbook.


We hope you’ve found these top five things to know about your car useful. Check out our news for more useful articles and guides like this one. At GoGoGo we offer an intensive 5 day driving course in Peterborough to help you pass with confidence.

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