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Top 12 Safety Tips For New Drivers

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Whether you’ve just passed your test, or you’re still learning, we’re revealing our top 12 safety tips for new drivers.


1.Take advanced driving lessons

If you feel you need a top-up on your driving practice or a lesson on how to safely drive on the motorway, you may want to invest in an advanced driving lesson.


2. Keep an emergency kit in your car

To keep yourself safe it’s recommended that you keep an emergency kit in your car which includes things like a high-vis jacket, some basic car tools, a warm blanket, and snacks. If you breakdown, have an accident, or get stuck in a serious traffic jam, you will thank yourself for remembering to keep these essential items in your car!


3. Self-check your car before a long journey

If you’re about to embark on a long journey, it’s important to do a few quick checks before you set off. Checking things like your tyre pressure and engine oil level will reduce your risk of encountering problems on the road.


4. Take extra care while driving in poor weather conditions and in the dark

It’s important to adapt when driving in poor weather conditions or in the dark.
If it’s snowing, raining, or foggy, you should keep extra distance between you and the vehicle in front. You should also use the correct lights while driving at night and in the fog.


5. Keep your distance

It’s important to keep a safe distance from other drivers on the road, especially in poor weather conditions. You should keep at least a two-second following distance behind the car in front to give you time to react if they come to an emergency stop.


6. Don’t drink and drive

It’s against the law to drink under the influence of alcohol and it’s important to make sure you’re not over the limit. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, even if that means letting someone down who needs a lift, or resisting peer pressure.


7. Stick to the speed limits

It’s up to you to pay attention to the speed limits and stick to them, especially when driving in built-up areas where there are likely to be a lot of pedestrians. It’s not only a legal requirement, it’s also about keeping you and other people safe.


8. Avoid getting distracted

While using hand-held devices while driving is now illegal, there are plenty of other activities that can distract drivers and cause accidents. Changing radio channels, chatting to your friends in the backseat, or even daydreaming are all things that can distract you while driving. It’s important to keep your focus on the road.


9. Don’t drive if you’re tired

If you’re tired it’s best to refrain from driving. If you’re mid-way through a journey, it’s recommended that you stop for a break and a caffeinated drink. You could also switch drivers if you’re in need of a rest.


10. Look out for hazards

Just like in your driving theory test, it’s important to always be switched on to what’s happening around you while you’re driving. Spotting potential hazards and reacting to them should help you be a safer driver.


11. Dealing with road rage

Even if you become frustrated or angry with another driver, it’s important to remain calm. If another driver tries to get into a confrontation with you, you should stay in your car and lock your doors. If necessary, call the police.


12. Make sure you and your passengers are wearing seatbelts

It’s a legal requirement for you and your passengers to wear a seatbelt while you’re driving. This protects everyone should you be involved in an accident.


We hope these top 12 safety tips for new drivers will help you be prepared for many of the situations drivers face on the road. It’s important to familiarise yourself with the law and highway code and you should avoid taking risks where safety is concerned.

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