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Top 5 Tips For Driving Safely Around Cyclists

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With more and more people choosing to cycle on Britain’s roads, we’re offering our top 5 tips for driving safely around cyclists.


1. Know their signals

As most bikes are not fitted with brake lights or indicators, cyclists have their own signals to show traffic what their intentions are. The basic hand signals you should know are the following:

– Left arm outstretched – turning left
– Right arm outstretched – turning right
– Arm straight up – stopping


2. Give cyclists plenty of room

Cyclists won’t always give clear signals, so it’s important to leave plenty of room so you can act accordingly if they make a last-minute turning or come to a sudden stop.


3. Check mirrors and blind spots before turning or opening your car door

Checking mirrors and blind spots should become second nature by the end of your driving course, but this is just a little reminder to watch out for cyclists – especially when turning! Make sure you indicate clearly so that if a cyclist is riding behind you they have time to respond.

Also, if you’ve parked on a road-side space, watch-out for cyclists before you open your door.


4. Refrain from driving (or parking) in cycle lanes

Cycle lanes are there to offer a safe route for cyclists on the roads. It’s important to refrain from driving in these lanes, but should you need to, to allow emergency services to pass through for instance, make sure you check your mirrors and clearly indicate before manoeuvring into the lane. You should also avoid parking or stopping on a cycle lane. This will mean that cyclists will either have to mount the pavement or go out into the road – neither of which are safe options.


5. Who has right of way – cyclists or cars?

Ultimately a pedal cyclist is always going to be more vulnerable on the road so it’s up to you to take due care and caution when driving near a cyclist. There are rules and laws that cyclists should follow which are outlined in the Highway Code, but it’s best to expect the unexpected and put your hazard perception skills to good use.


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