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Top Pedestrian Safety Tips For Drivers

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It almost goes without saying that it’s important to look out for pedestrians when driving. While most pedestrians are sensible, sometimes they can do the unexpected. Pre-empting when someone may step out onto the road, even if they don’t technically have right of way, is a valuable driving skill and is something that you will develop through your hazard perception practice. In this blog, we’re revealing our top tips on pedestrian safety as a driver.


Expect the unexpected!


Whether a pedestrian is not concentrating on their surroundings, or under the influence of alcohol, it could be a split second decision for a pedestrian to stray from the pavement and onto the road, which is why you should expect the unexpected.


When to be extra vigilant


There are instances where pedestrians are more likely to wander into the road and where you should take extra care. These include lots of people walking on a narrow pathway, busy school times and when passing parked cars, buses and ice cream vans. In these circumstances, you can pre-empt unpredictable pedestrians and be extra vigilant.


Take extra care while driving in the dark


While it’s advised that pedestrians wear high-vis clothing or carry a torch while walking on roads in the dark, the reality is that they don’t always. That’s why it’s important to be extra cautious while driving on the roads at night, especially on country roads where there are no designated pavements or where there is not much street lighting.


Pedestrian crossings


Even if a traffic light is on green, you should never assume that you can whizz off without checking for pedestrians first. Some people take longer to cross than others and some risk the crossing even when they shouldn’t. Essentially, green means you can go ONLY if it is safe to do so – it is not an instant right of way.

As for zebra crossings, if someone is waiting at the roadside it’s best to assume that they intend to cross. Remember you should always wait for pedestrians to reach the other side of the crossing before driving off.


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