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Why Do I Keep Failing My Theory Test?

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If you’re asking yourself ‘Why do I keep failing my theory test’? we’ve got you covered in this guide. Perhaps you’ve sat in the same exam room and done the same test for the second, third, or even tenth time? If this sounds like you, read on to find out exactly where you might be going wrong and how to up your chances of passing next time. We’re also listing the most common reasons for failing a theory test so you can avoid those annoying pitfalls and pass with flying colours.

How to know what you’re struggling with

With any failed exam, it’s important to identify what you’re struggling with to have a better chance of succeeding next time. It could be that you didn’t revise quite as much as you should have done. Or maybe nerves keep getting the better of you. Or it could just be that some rules of the road are not your forte.

Every failed theory test can help you improve. You should receive a letter at the test centre which tells you which part of the test you didn’t score enough points on: the hazard perception or multiple choice questions.

Practice more

If there is an area of the test that you’re not confident with, the best way forward is to practice, practice, practice! There are plenty of free clips online that help you develop eagle eyes when it comes to hazard perception. As for the multiple choice questions, you can practice those too. You don’t have to read the Highway Code cover to cover – just apply what you’ve learnt from your driving lessons and go through as many practice questions as you can. Every time you get an answer wrong, make a note of it, find a creative way to remember the answer, and get someone to test you later in the day.

You will be given 50 questions on the test day, and the DVSA chooses from a bank of over 1000 questions – that’s a whole lot of possible questions! But by familiarising yourself with the rules of the road, you should be able to get most of them right. Some answers are common sense, some are easy to figure out through the process of elimination, and some will be more difficult. Just put your best guess forward and remember you can always flag a question and come back to it at the end of the test.

Common Incorrect Answers

Areas that often trip up learner drivers include the following topics:

  • Vulnerable road users
  • Road and traffic signs
  • Safety margins
  • Hazard awareness
  • Motorway rules

By going over these particular rules of the road you can approach your next test with more confidence.

Don’t give up!

If it’s nerves you’re struggling with, you’re not alone. Your instructor can give practical tips to help you beat those nerves. Just remember to have faith in your abilities and try to walk into the test with a positive frame of mind – you CAN do this!

As the theory test is the gateway to taking the practical test and finally getting out on the road, it’s a huge frustration for those who just can’t seem to pass it. With the GoGoGo intensive driving course in Peterborough, we prep you from the offset to pass your theory test within a week.

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