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July 2022


The GoGoGo Intensive Driving Cambridgeshire – an affordable, safe and efficient learning system, helping you pass your driving test fast in the UK.

There are endless benefits that come with driving, however, the only downfall is the long waiting times and lengthy process for doing your test! Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could learn to drive in just 5 days?

With GoGoGo Intensive there is no need to wait months on end to take and pass your driving test. Our intensive driving courses Cambridgeshire offer the perfect fast track driving solution for passing your test ASAP in Cambridgeshire! Why deal with the lengthy waiting times when you can acquire all the knowledge and skills in just 5 days?

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Why wait months to pass your driving test when you can learn to drive in 5 days? For just £1320 or as little as £92.59 a month with our pay monthly finance option!

  • Courses run 9am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday in our Peterborough training centre
  • Only 20 minutes by train from Grantham, or a 44 minute drive!
  • Lessons are structured and taught via. presentation initially to ensure reduced kerbside instruction – maximising focus on teaching
  • Morning theory lessons then afternoon driving time
  • All lessons are one to one sessions with your fully qualified DVSA driving instructor
  • Free corrective lessons if you don’t pass first time

If you have any questions whether it be about your theory test, practical test or even general road safety, our Go Learning Hub has all the answers you need!

Our Past Students

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Connor – Peterborough
WELL DONE 👏🏻 to Connor from Peterborough who has recently...
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Hollie Phillips
Hollie Phillips – March
Congratulations are in order for Hollie Philips from March on...
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Rocco Rizzo Waters
Rocco Rizzo Waters – Peterborough
Look at the well deserved smile on Rocco Rizzo Water’s...
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Paige Martin
Paige Martin – St Neots
Congratulations are in order for Paige Martin from St Neots...
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Why Go Go Go?

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If travelling from Grantham daily is too much for you – we also have links with a local hotel for you to spend the week here in comfort as you learn!

90% Pass Rate

Our 5 day intensive course is proven to be extremely effective and our 90% pass rate shows that! But you don’t have to take our word for it. You can see all of our passes here,  you can hear first-hand from those now on the road because of GoGoGo. 

Learn to Drive in No Time!

Acquiring the knowledge and skills for driving has never been more practical, that’s why our intensive driving courses Cambridgeshire has been recognised as one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to obtaining your driving licence. If you’re living in Cambridgeshire, then why not make an enquiry today to discuss how we can get you on the roads in just 5 days and begin your journey as a new, skilled driver!

Only 20 Minutes from Grantham

Our dedicated training driver centre is based in Peterborough, the cathedral city centrally located in Cambridgeshire. We’re conveniently located close to the city centre and where the practical section of the driving test is conducted in Peterborough. With regular trains from around Cambridgeshire arriving at the Peterborough train station and frequent bus routes, we’re an easy option for anyone living in the county and want to pass their test in just one week.

It’s our aim to provide a practical, stress-free driving school, so we always keep our learners in our best interest, ensuring to ease the process.