How to be Prepared for a Car Breakdown

A car breakdown can be scary and you may not know what to do. Not only do we cover that in our intensive driving courses, we also discuss it here!

Here at GoGoGo, we offer more than just intensive driving courses. Our professional driving instructors also educate our learner drivers and equip them with expanded knowledge. We want our learner drivers to understand how to be safe when driving and what to do in certain scenarios. For example, a breakdown.

What to do should your car breakdown

It is really important that you stay calm. If possible, position your car to the side of the road. You need to do your best to avoid obstructing traffic as much as possible too.

Make sure you put your hazard lights on and then get out of your vehicle. You need to stand a safe distance away from your car and at this point call a vehicle recovery service or your breakdown company. Explain to them clearly and calmly where you are, what has happened and confirm your car details so they can find you.

What you should carry in your car

It is highly recommended that you have a ‘breakdown kit’ ready in the car in case your car does breakdown. This kit should include the following things:

  • A coat or jumper to keep you warm and dry while waiting for the recovery vehicle.
  • An umbrella or rain poncho to keep you dry and protected while waiting for the recovery vehicle.
  • A portable phone charger so you can keep your phone charged to call the recovery company or inform worried family and friends.
  • A torch in case you breakdown at night time or during darker evenings.
  • A set of jump leads; these can help you get back on the road faster and may mean you don’t need to call the recovery company.
  • A hi-vis jacket so you can clearly be seen by other road users when you are waiting by your car.
  • A bottle of water; this is very useful on a hot day and are waiting a while for the recovery vehicle.

However, for your car to breakdown, you first need to learn to drive and pass your driving test! If you would like to learn how to drive and pass your driving test within as little as 5 days then book onto our intensive driving course. We will prepare you for whatever issue you may face while driving. Feel free to contact us for more information.