Changes to the Driving Test Every Learner Needs to Know

We all know that old habits die hard. If you’ve been chatting to older colleagues, siblings or relatives they may not be aware of some of the driving test has changed since they originally passed.

Whilst December 2017 saw these new changes brought into practice, many may come to the surprise of both experienced and learners. Here, we list those changes and explain everything you need to know about them.

There are 4 changes to the practical driving test

These changes have been introduced to ensure that those passing their driving tests have a lifetime of safe driving. They are:

Independent driving

The independent driving part of the test was previously 10 minutes, but this has been put up to 20 minutes. It now takes up about half of your driving lesson. During this time you will be expected to drive to a destination chosen by the examiner, without turn by turn directions.

The satnav

A satnav has now been introduced into the driving test, as so many drivers use them. You will have to follow directions from a satnav during the independent driving part of your test. The examiner will provide and set up the satnav for you. It will only be used in one of five driving tests, but it is a good idea to practice in case you are chosen, and it is a good skill for future driving.

Reversing manoeuvres 

There are now 3 possible manoeuvres that you will be asked to complete. These are parallel parking at the side of the road, parking in a bay or pulling up on the right-hand side of the road and reversing for 2 car lengths before rejoining the traffic. You will be asked to complete one of these three manoeuvres. However, you will no longer be asked to reverse around a corner or do a turn in the road as these have been removed from the driving test.

Show me, tell me

You will be expected to answer vehicle safety questions while you are driving. This is known as the ‘show me’ question as you will need to show the examiner the answer. You will also be asked a question at the beginning of the test and you are expected to explain your answer. This is the ‘tell me’ question. During your driving lessons, you will practice these questions with your instructor.

While you will be learning all this and more during your 5 day driving course with us here at GoGoGo, it never hurts to refresh your memory. For more information about our intensive driving courses that see you pass both your theory test and practical, get in touch today.