Your Guide to starting an Intensive Driving Course

For many people, the idea of learning to drive seems to be a long process, the waiting times seem endless as well as the length of time it actually takes to complete the lessons.  

If you’ve read our previous blog post then you may have already made your decision whether or not intensive driving courses are for you. We decided to highlight a few key points to guide you in the right direction and what steps to take now you’ve decided to give a 5-day crash course a try.

Step 1: Research the Company

First and foremost, choose the right driving school. As effective as they are, intensive driving courses will only get you the quick results if the company provides expert training, tailored to you the learner. All too often people settle for the first or cheapest driving school they find without looking into the company itself. A word of advice, always take a look at their pass rate as well as reviews and ratings.

Step 2: Book your Course

Once you’ve chosen your driving school, the next step is booking the course. This process should be smooth, easy to navigate and hassle-free. The information should always be clear and simple for everyone to understand! Alternatively, if you still need more guidance before you book your test, you can always contact the driving school directly and they will talk you through the process and what’s included.

Step 3: You’ve booked, now what?

Now you’ve booked, you can finally look forward to beginning the course! At GoGoGo, this will consist of classroom-based sessions in the morning where you will be preparing for your theory test. These sessions will help you understand the basics of driving before you can solidify your knowledge during your practical lessons later in the day. Don’t worry, you’ll continue to receive our help and support throughout your course to ensure you pass.

Step 4: When can I get on the road?

After preparing for your theory in the morning, we can get you on the roads right away with one of our highly trained instructors! Although the course is a week full of intensive learning, we make sure to thoroughly go through each step until you understand and feel confident.

The Final Step: Your Practical Test

Congratulations! You made it to the last step and you’re well on your way to passing your test and becoming a qualified driver.

The great thing about intensive driving courses is that the newly acquired skills are still fresh in the mind, so you will feel more at ease when you take the practical, giving you a higher chance of passing.

Still feeling those pre-test jitters? Check our post about the driving test changes so you can familiarise yourself with what’s to come.

With GoGoGo, our 5-day crash course in Peterborough has been designed to make learning to drive stress-free right from the beginning. Why not make an enquiry today?