Why Choose An Intensive Driving Course Near Stevenage?

Learning to drive takes months of lessons and costs a fortune, right? If you choose traditional weekly or bi-weekly lessons, this is usually true – but there is an alternative. Intensive driving courses have risen dramatically in popularity in recent years, because not only are they more affordable than conventional driving lessons, but they can help you to pass your driving test much more quickly.

According to the DVSA, drivers learning in the traditional manner typically need 47 hours of driving time before they’re able to pass their practical test. If you book one lesson per week – as many do – then it’ll take you the best part of a year to even be test-ready. And if you don’t pass first time, it could take you a decent chunk longer than that before you’re able to hit the road alone.

What makes intensive courses different?

With an intensive course, you won’t go weeks without driving and have to learn at a snail’s pace. Take our course as an example. At GoGoGo Intensive, we can teach you to pass both your theory and practical tests in just five days.

Our courses run efficiently from our high-tech training centre in the heart of Peterborough, less than an hour away from Stevenage. Staffed by experienced, DVSA-approved instructors – some of whom have over 20 years of experience – we’ll provide a structured, proven programme of teaching to help you become a safe driver.

We’ve proven time and again just how effective our course is. With an exceptional pass rate of over 90%, we’ve witnessed hundreds of smiling students pass both their theory and practical tests with confidence – and go on to become safe drivers.

Book your place on our intensive driving course Stevenage

Sold on the idea of learning to drive in just five days? We don’t blame you! There’s no time like the present to get started; book your place today or get in touch with us to learn more.