Intensive Driving Courses – Are they worth it?

As we drive through the start of the New Year, some of us may already be pursuing our new year’s resolution to get on the road, but for others, it’s not always a priority. Work and life can push it to the bottom of the list. So is an intensive driving course the answer? We think so.

Did you know one of the most common New Years resolutions is to learn to drive? Driving lessons are one of those things that some of us are constantly pushing to the back of our to-do list, waiting for ‘the right time’ when they are able to free up some space in their busy schedule.

But is there really ever a ‘right time’ to start your driving lessons? The sooner you start, the faster you’ll be on the road. So what if you could pass your test within 5 days?

Intensive driving courses are becoming increasingly popular across the UK, with people realising the convenience and practicality they offer. If you’ve ever taken one driving lesson per week, you’ll be familiar with the feeling of becoming easily unmotivated after a few weeks. A full week of driving lessons is intense, however, students who embark on a 5 day driving course are more likely to pass their test than students who have endured a course extending over a year or more.

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why intensive driving courses are worth it.


Due to the structure of our lessons, our intensive course is thought to be more efficient than weekly lessons. We all learn best with consistency, that’s why our lessons will take place each day, giving you time to absorb what you have learnt in the evenings and be ready to pick it up again the next day. For many of us, when we leave a week between lessons we can forget what we’ve previously learnt, meaning we need to spend time repeating manoeuvres and strategies to become familiar again. The structure of an intensive driving course means the successful pass rate is usually higher.

Driving Confidence

Completing your course in a week full of intense but efficient lessons means you’ll have the confidence to get on the road straight after passing your test. The magic of our course is that although you get thrown in at the deep end, you’ll receive great support from your instructor, enhancing your ability to gauge the road.

Stronger Focus

As our driving lessons all take place within one week, you have the ability to focus more and prioritise your driving rather than trying to balance work or school with your driving lessons.

Our intensive driving course in Peterborough is designed to help any learner driver gain enough information and skills to become a safe and accomplished driver within 5 days.

Why not book with GoGoGo today and we can help you tick that goal off your list!