How to Pass Your Theory Test First Time

When you’ve finally saved up the money for driving lessons and decided that you definitely want to learn to drive, you don’t want anything holding you up or slowing you down.

You may have planned a road trip with friends, a day out a theme park or similar. You are excited for your new found freedom, and you definitely don’t want it taking any longer than it has to!

This is why it is so important to pass your theory test first time. Not only is the knowledge that makes up your theory test invaluable when you are on the road, it is also a compulsory part of your driving lessons and practical test.

We have put together some top tips to help make sure you pass your theory test first time.

Top tips on how to pass your theory test

  • Make sure you use your common sense. You may panic as you walk into the exam room, but you need to stay calm. A lot of the stuff in the theory test you will know already, it’s common sense, so just stay calm, don’t rush and think about each question carefully.
  • Take a theory test book with you wherever you go and read it from cover to cover. Having read it once should suffice,m should you acknowledge stand-out points.
  • Get friends and family to test you, and go over the bits where you aren’t sure. Facts and stats will stand out as you keep reading it, and these will be useful in your theory.
  • You really need to focus on the numbers and specific metrics, such as mph for example. These are the unique things that will come in your theory test and you’ll need to remember them.

Pass your theory test as part of an intensive driving course

The great thing about completing your driving lessons and tests with the driving instructors here at GoGoGo is that your intensive driving course is split into two parts.

One part of the one week driving course is classroom work to help you understand how you can pass your theory test. The other part is the practical part – this is where you are out on the roads in a vehicle.

Some people find it hard to study when they are out and about and therefore find our intensive driving courses really useful. This is because they are sat in a classroom and are able to focus on the test. The classroom helps students get in the right frame of mind for studying and passing their theory test.

It’s time to pass your theory test

When you learn to drive with GoGoGo it is more likely that you will pass the first time. You don’t need to wait around too long for an available test date either. We get you booked in for a theory test as quickly as possible, so everything is still fresh in your mind.

This has resulted in an extremely high pass rate for our students, who are in turn more confident when preparing for practical and theory tests. The best thing about completing a course with us is that it is all included in one up-front price! There are no extra charges for theory test exams or practical driving tests.

Contact us now for more information about how to pass your theory test, or booking in for one of our acclaimed driving courses.