Top 5 Scenic Drives in the UK

You’ve just passed your test – great! But what do you do now? Take a look at our top five UK scenic route destinations to not only get used to the road but to make some incredible memories with friends.

It’s time to hit the open road, or perhaps do you need an extra slice of motivation to help you pass your driving test? Well look no further as epic scenery is just 5 days away. Here’s our list of the best places to drive to and through within the UK this summer.

1. Lake District

It wouldn’t be a true list without featuring the Lake District – Kirkstone Pass is the highest road pass within the area that offers stunning above-treeline views and ethereal sights. You can even stop off for a quick bite in the mountains at the 500-year-old Kirkstone Pass Inn; known for serving many hungry, thirsty passengers under oak beams and around an open fire. Sounds like bliss. The A686 awaits, but for those wanting more of a thrill, Hardknott Pass could be your destination. However, if you think that route may be a bit tricky, we also offer an advanced training course to help take care of those pre-big trip nerves.

2. Cheddar Gorge

South of Bristol and Bath, this is England’s deepest gorge, carved out by torrential floods of a melting ice age. The B3135 winds through limestone cliffs and is home to rare wildlife. An extensive cave system also hosts opportunities for rock climbing and caving adventures to the public. If that doesn’t convince you, know that this natural wonder served as inspiration for the caves behind Helm’s Deep in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

3. Devon to Newquay

Another great route in Britain leads to a popular destination well worth the travel time, along with some interesting stops on the way. The Atlantic Highway along the north Cornwall coast is a winding journey from Barnstaple that takes you through 160 miles of Instagram-able cliffs and waves, the supposed birthplace of King Arthur – rugged Tintagel Castle, and even the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic.

4. Norfolk Coastline

This route is a little closer to home but serves up over 100 miles of coastal views, gorgeous harbours, lighthouses, and longer sandy beaches. Take an adventure through single-carriageway roads that flow between fields and tranquil villages to experience North Norfolk the way it was intended. You can even wander off the beaten track at Holkham National Nature Reserve or stop off at Cromer pier – of course made famous by Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.

5. Glencoe, Scotland

If you fancied going further afield, driving along the mighty A82 is perfect for those who love a touch of snow with their rustic. North of Glasgow, this route sees a mixture of earthy and rocky colours blend with green moorland and rocky splendor. This route also grants you the chance to witness famous natural spots such as Loch Lomond, Ben Nevis, and Loch Ness first-hand.

Raring to go? Take a look at our guide to starting an intensive driving course – learning to drive is quicker and easier than you think. You just need the right mindset and (excuse the pun) drive.

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