Top Driving Tips & Hacks From Instructors (Part 3)

Tip #1: Navigating Box Junctions

Navigating box junctions can be tricky, but just remember that the yellow-hatched box on the road is designed to keep you safe and traffic flowing. The Highway Code states that you are not allowed to stop in a yellow-hatched box unless you are turning right and waiting for oncoming traffic to pass. It is essential that you do not enter the box unless your exit is clear. Entering this box could result in a fine.

We would not recommend that you try and guess whether the vehicle in front of you will leave enough room for you to pass and safely exit the yellow-hatched box, especially if you can’t see far enough ahead to make that decision. It is good practice to only proceed once there is enough road exposed on the other side of the junction for your vehicle to pass and exit.

Tip #2: Passing Cars on Busy Streets

There are very few things less stressful than driving down a road that’s full of parked cars on either side. What do you do when another car is coming toward you and there is limited space to move? Who moves to accommodate the other? While there is no definitive rule, the general rule of thumb is that if you are driving on a gradient, then the right of way goes to the driver that is driving uphill. This is because it is harder to pull away safely when driving on an incline.

Tip #3: Letting Cars into the Que

Unfortunately, there is no law or general rule about letting others into the flow of traffic. It simple comes down to politeness and good road etiquette. While some drivers are very defensive of their position and block others from cutting in front of them, we argue that letting one driver in front of you doesn’t affect your overall drive time. In fact, if every driver let one car out at busy junctions, everyone would move a lot faster. Plus, letting cars into the que minimises the risk of road rage and makes you feel as though you’ve done something good for someone else. By letting another merge in front of you, you’ll effectively make the road a safer and happier place to be.

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