Top Driving Tips & Hacks from Instructors

We have put together some top driving tips and hacks from our expert driving instructors that you may never have been told until now.

It is easy to think that once you have passed your driving test you know all there is to know about driving. However, that is not always the case. In fact, drivers are still learning every day. There will often be things that your driving instructor never told you or things you have forgotten as you were taking in so much information at the same time.

Here, we look at some smart, savvy driving tips, things to remember, and hacks that will really help you become a better and safer driver.

How and when to use headlights

Only use your full beams when necessary. This could be if you are driving down a country road late at night, for example. You will rarely need full beams on motorways and streets in a town or city centre as these will already have some lighting.

If you have your full beams on and see a car coming towards you, remember to put your beams back to normal, then back to full beams when you have passed them. The full beams of your lights can be blinding to drivers coming towards you, which can be dangerous otherwise.

It is recommended that you are courteous to other road users. Avoid using your full beams when driving behind someone as this can be blinding in their rear-view mirror.

Switching your rear-view mirror

If a driver behind you is not being courteous and has their full beams on, this can be distracting in your rear-view mirror. However, there is something you can do. At the bottom of your rear-view mirror, there is a switch that tilts your mirror to ‘night-mode’ and removes the blinding of the lights behind you.

When driving at night remind yourself of the switch on your rear-view mirror. This helps reduce the challenges of driving at night or in the dark. Reflections become dimmer and you will be able to cope with the glare from the lights on other vehicles easier.

Always carry a bottle of water

This is especially the case if you are driving on a long journey. Having a drink of water will help ensure you are hydrated when driving and it will help quench your thirst too. You never know when you might get stuck in traffic and feel thirsty!

Research has shown that driving when you are dehydrated can have the same effect on your driving ability as drinking alcohol. If you are dehydrated you can feel drowsy and dizzy, or have slower reactions. This is not safe when you are behind the wheel.

Never hog the middle lane

If you were to hog the middle lane on a motorway you are in breach of the Highway Code. A law was introduced in 2013 stating that hogging the middle lane can result in points or a fine.

Middle lane hogging is classified as careless driving and is an offence. It is also a very dangerous driving habit for you and other road users. It makes overtaking on the motorway harder and more dangerous for other road users.

So avoid spending your entire journey in the fastest lane, and always remember to change lanes only when it is safe to do so.

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