We’re IAM Affiliates

The IAM, or the Institute of Advanced Motorists are a charitable organisation based in the UK who aim to improve the standards of road safety and the skill of driving by offering expert advice and advanced driver courses which match the techniques used for the British Polive. The IAM offers advanced driving tests which aim to teach you to become a better driver and improve your skills to improve your safety.

Typically people who have passed an IAM test report that they have less accidents and also enjoy the driving experience more than others. At GoGoGo Intensive, we know how important it is to stay safe and also enjoy being a motorist, that’s why we’re actively involved in the IAM charity.

GoGoGo Intensive are “The only Intensive Driving School in the UK to be Affiliated to Britain’s leading Road Safety Charity The Institute of Advance Motorists.” We’re extremely proud of this as it allow us to offer all of our learner drivers expert tuition and advice to ensure that they pass their test quickly whilst becoming efficient, safe and skilled drivers ready to hit the roads.

Because we’re directly affiliated with the IAM it means that as a GoGoGo customer you will receive training from our expert driving instructors based in Peterborough who are highly skilled and trained to deliver training that is second-to-none. Our innovative methods of training are what we believe the very best ways to learn how to pass your driving test and become a responsible, competent motorist in just 5days.

When you book an intensive driving course with GoGoGo you will receive FREE Affiliate membership of the IAM which includes a whole list of benefits including a 10% discount off the “Skills for Life” programme. Also because we’re affiliates of the IAM charity, it allows us to offer extra advanced driving courses so you can become a better driver. The directors of GoGoGo Intensive are actively promoting the charity within Cambridge, Peterborough and Boston IAM and you can continue developing your newly found skills with us after you pass your driving test. By passing with us you will become part of a group of drivers that are the best and safest in the country and benefit from reduced insurance premiums and share your interest in motoring. We will also give you a friendly introduction to the club of your choice from a familiar face at GoGoGo Intensive, making joining your local club stress-free and even easier.

If you are interested in booking your intensive driving course so you can pass your driving test in just 5 days or you would like to know more about our advanced driving course once you have your license then get in touch with us today. Also you can read more about our 5 day crash driving courses here, and if you have any questions at all then please do get in touch.