What Is a Hazard Perception Test?

Learning to spot potential hazards and react to them in the correct way is a critical factor when it comes to driving safely. It will keep you, your passengers and other road users safe, and with plenty of experience, it will become second nature.

Thankfully, the Hazard Perception Test has you covered and is designed to test your ability to spot hazards in real-life scenarios. It is the second part of the theory test in the UK and is taken almost immediately after the multiple-choice questions have been answered.

What Can I Expect?

This part of your theory requires you to watch 14 video clips which are filmed as if you were the driver. Each clip is approximately 1 minute long and there will be 15 hazards to identify. 13 clips will contain 1 hazard, however 1 clip will include 2 hazards you will need to look out for.

The test requires you to click the computer mouse once and as soon as possible for every developing hazard you recognise. You can score between 0 to 5 on each hazard. Therefore, the maximum score on this test is 75, and learners will need to score 44 to pass.

10 Examples of Hazards

A hazard is a risk on or near the road that could potentially cause harm or lead to an accident. Examples of road dangers to look for include:

  • Pedestrians or animals crossing the road
  • People getting into or out of a car in an unexpected place
  • Cars reversing or coming out of driveways
  • Cyclists, motorcyclists, and other drivers
  • Children playing
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Vehicles obstructing your view
  • Traffic joining a dual carriageway
  • Roadworks ahead
  • The weather affecting your visibility

The Purpose of Hazard Perception

Each year, thousands of people are killed or involved in a road accident in the UK. That’s why being able to predict what hazards could appear and knowing how to react in these situations play an important part in becoming a safe driver.

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