The Average Cost of Monthly Lessons is More Expensive than Intensive Courses

What is cheaper?: monthly driving lessons or an intensive driving course? We can confidently say that driving courses save you money, and a lot of it!

It’s always a constant battle to save as much money as possible – and more so when you’re looking at broadening horizons by looking at getting a car. Of course, to get a car, you must know how to drive it; you need to pass your driving test.

We pride ourselves in offering the most cost-effective, cheapest solution for beginners and learner drivers to see everyone pass their driving test – and pass it first time. Allow us to break it down for you:

Save money with an intensive driving course

Money Supermarket has put out a very interesting article citing the total cost, on average, of learning how to drive. Within their calculations, they stated the average lesson costs £24 and in total, students are looking at spending £1,128 to be ready for their driving test.

When you factor in the additional cost of booking your theory test (add another £31 to the bill), you’re left with quite a lump sum.

It’s always been our aim at GoGoGo Intensive to offer affordable driving lessons to students, and that is why our 5 day intensive course sees you ready to pass your driving test (and pass your theory test) all for £972.

Save even more money with our pay monthly driving lesson option

If the idea of saving money isn’t enough to entice you, perhaps you will be won over by the realisation of how much time you will save.

Our 5 day course is actually that, 5 days. Within that time period, you may have one or two lessons, which would total roughly 4 hours of learning. In practice, that’s a long way to go before you are road-ready.

Let’s say you took 5 driving lessons in one month. With an average cost of a driving lesson at £24, you are looking at spending £120. Great! But only another nine months to go. However, monthly payments are available with us from as little £92.87 a month to help you spread the cost. So when we say ‘pass now, pay later’, we really do mean it! Now that’s a no brainer.

For more information about GoGoGo Intensive and our 5 day crash course in learning how to drive, feel free to contact us online or by telephone on 01733 314151. If you’re feeling confident, why not book in today and we’ll see you 9am on Monday!