What You Should Know When Driving At Christmas

As most of us share Christmas with family it is inevitable that some of us will be driving over the festive period. Here are our top 9 Christmas tips for motorists who are driving over the holiday period.

Keep Your Distance

The weather is always unpredictable in the UK, especially in the colder months. Make sure you always keep a 2 second distance from the car in front. If you are driving in the rain, multiply this by two, or if you are out driving in the snow or on icy roads multiple it by 10.

Watch Your Gears

If you are driving in icy conditions we would always recommend that you use a higher gear. This will provide less power to your wheels, thus reducing the risk of wheel spinning on the ice on the road.

Stay Focused

Christmas is an exciting time with lots going on at once, don’t let that distract you and keep your driving standards to the highest level.

Watch out for Pedestrians

Watch out for pedestrians revelling in the festive spirit as they could be more unpredictable. Keep an eye on your speed and adjust it according to the environment.

Be Aware of Other Drivers

Despite a greater police presence on the roads, drink-driving rates inevitably increase around Christmas time. If the car in front is weaving or making sudden irrational movements and the driver displays inconsistent speed control, give them plenty of room.

Be Careful of Black Ice

Black ice is extremely common over the festive period and it can be an extremely dangerous driving condition. As always, adjust your speed to the conditions but also steer carefully and gently, avoid sharp acceleration or braking.

Keep Both Hands on the Wheel

While grit salt can help thaw out frozen water on the road, it can present a problem in itself. The salt crystals mean less of the tyre touches the ground, reducing grip – so bear this in mind when driving through these areas and always keep both hands on the wheel.

Don’t Leave Presents on Display

We would also recommend you keep an eye on your car. Opportunist thieves love the Christmas period. If your car is laden with expensive Christmas presents and treats make sure they are out of sight and safely locked away.

Stay Slow in Car Parks

Car parks are especially busy over Christmas. Take a good look around your vehicle before you get into it and move off, as well as making constant observations when manoeuvring – it could help avoid a costly low-speed bump or prevent you injuring a pedestrian.

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