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Revising For Hazard Perception Test – Top 3 Ways

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If you’ve got your theory test coming up, you are probably spending a great deal of time revising for your multiple choice questions. But what about the hazard perception – how do you revise for that? We’ve got some helpful suggestions in this blog.

Made up of 14 video clips, the hazard perception test features everyday road scenes that contain at least one ‘developing hazard’. You get points for spotting the developing hazards as soon as they start to happen.

So, what is the best way to revise for your hazard perception test?

Practice with video clip resources

Easily the most effective way to revise for the hazard perception test is to complete lots of practice tests. There are plenty of free resources online, featuring interactive video clips. This will not only help you score top marks, it will also make you familiar with how to complete the test – a great way to curb those exam-nerves.

Get the most out of your driving lessons

Every hour spent behind the wheel is a golden opportunity to practice your hazard perception skills. Whenever you see a cyclist, pedestrian or other vehicle ahead, you can anticipate how they’re going to behave, observe and respond accordingly. You know what they say: real life experience is the best way to learn. This is certainly true when it comes to hazard perception. The more you drive, the more potential hazards you will observe.

Pay attention when you’re a passenger

Aside from obviously putting hazard perception into practice during your driving lessons, you can also start paying attention when you’re a passenger. Training your mind to identify hazards is all good preparation for your test. The more you practice, the better you will get.

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