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What If I Fail My Driving Test?

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It’s not something that any learner driver likes to think about, but there is a possibility that you could fail your driving test. This can be particularly frustrating if you’ve jumped through all the hoops and obstacles to get to your test day, dedicating hours of your precious time and lots of money to prepare for your test.

Worst case scenario – you fail your test. What happens next? It’s understandable if you get upset about the let down. However, you can learn from your mistakes and get at least some comfort from the knowledge that you’re not the only one.

In 2021, the DVSA reported that the highest number of times someone failed their practical driving test was 42 times. So, our point here is that if you fail, you’re not alone! The only way is up.

How soon can you rebook another driving test?

Currently you can rebook a driving test just 10 days after your first one. The DVSA is considering extending this to 3 months, but for now you don’t have to wait that long. Sometimes the challenge comes from being able to find a suitable slot.

Next steps are up to you. But, it’s recommended that you rebook your driving test as soon as you can, as long as you feel ready. There are sites available that can automatically identify cancellations and help you get a test sooner. This will save you time searching the DVSA website every five minutes in the hope a test magically appears.

Some driving schools will help lessen the blow by offering free corrective lessons. We do that here at GoGoGo Intensive. We’ll help you get back the confidence you need to take your test once more, and, hopefully, pass with flying colours.

If you’re interested in a 5-day intensive driving course near Stevenage, book your slot with GoGoGo today.

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