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Learning to Drive in Peterborough

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Though it’s the largest city by population in Cambridgeshire, Peterborough is by no means a bad place to learn to drive. On the whole, its road layouts are pretty conventional and, though it can be busy at peak times, it’s certainly not as hectic as many other British cities.

The city centre is surrounded by a number of parkways and major A-roads, making it a well-connected location with straightforward links to a number of well-known towns and cities. So, when you ditch your L-plates for the first time, you’ll soon be able to make the most of your new-found independence.

And although it’s a city, Peterborough has its fair share of more rural areas and countryside villages; learning to drive here really will prepare you for all that the UK’s road network can throw at you.

At GoGoGo Intensive Driving School Peterborough, we know Peterborough’s roads exceptionally well as we’re not a national chain – we are based here in the city and drive its roads day in, day out. We’ve prepared a round-up of some of Peterborough’s most challenging roads and obstacles, many of which catch out unwary drivers.

Tricky roundabouts

We mentioned earlier that Peterborough’s roads are quite conventional in their layout – and on the whole that’s true – but there are a few roundabouts here which often cause issues for new drivers. Perhaps the ultimate enemy of learners here in Peterborough is the Eye Services roundabout, a large four-lane affair which at first sight can seem daunting.

In reality though, once you know which lane you need to be in, it’s not as hard as it looks. Provided you remember to slow down for the 40mph speed limit on the approach to the roundabout, the main challenge you’ll face here is other road users cutting into your lane or changing lanes halfway round; it’s important here to be ultra-observant and keep a close eye on the cars around you.

The roundabout near Brotherhood Retail Park is another key location for learners to master, as is the Boongate roundabout, located near to the cinema and opposite Pizza Hut; the latter is particularly tricky from certain directions as visibility is limited – cars tend to come round the roundabout quite quickly, leaving you little time to pull off. Successfully crossing this roundabout requires a decisive, confident approach.

Busy routes

Lincoln Road and Bourges Boulevard – which are connected by the aforementioned Brotherhood roundabout – link Werrington and other locations in the north of Peterborough with the city centre, and consequently are traffic hotspots. New drivers covering this route for the first time will need to remain vigilant, as other motorists are often changing lanes and going at different speeds here.

Lincoln Road also runs through the Millfield area of Peterborough, a very busy and tricky region to navigate. With lots of pedestrians crossing and rows of parked cars, drivers need to be looking far ahead and anticipate potential hazards to proceed safely.

If you’re looking for a driving school in Peterborough to help you master each of these routes and potential hazards, here at GoGoGo we have a 90% pass rate and can teach you all you need to know to get your licence in just five days. And with free corrective lessons if you don’t pass, our intensive training programme will support you and give you the skills you need to become a competent driver – even if you don’t nail the test first time around.

Contact us today to find out more and book your place on our course. Our other Go Learning articles can help you understand more about driving.

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