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Top 10 Things To Keep in Your Car

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Once you get out on the open road after passing your driving test, it’s easy to get carried away and head off on a journey without being fully prepared. You could end up breaking down or getting stranded somehow, so it’s wise to carry some equipment in your car for such eventualities – no matter how unlikely they may seem.

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a neat little top-ten list of useful things to keep in your car. Grab all or most of these before you set off and you’ll be set for whatever the road ahead has to throw at you – within reason, anyway!


Our Top Ten

  1. Jump leads: Especially in winter, these can be lifesavers. If you get a flat battery, without these you’d have to call on a recovery firm to rescue you. If you have jump leads though, all you need to do is find a kind motorist with a healthy battery, connect the two cars’ batteries together (though you have to follow the correct, safe method) and yours should have enough power to start your engine again in a matter of moments. Phew!
  2. Spare tyre…
  3. …and a jack: These two go hand-in-hand, and you’d be surprised how many cars actually don’t come with either. Even if your tyres are brand-new, if you’re unlucky and run over some debris in the road you could still get a puncture. Make sure you’re confident enough to use your jack safely – it’s really easy once you know how – and that your spare tyre is safe to use. This means it must have adequate tread and be free of bulges or cracks. You’ll also need a wheel brace to remove the wheel nuts.
  4. Warm clothes: If you’re travelling long distances in winter, it’s definitely a good idea to pack a coat and perhaps a hat and gloves. Sure, you won’t need them when you’re all toasty with your heater blasting, but if you have engine trouble you could lose that heat – and all of a sudden the temperature in the cabin will plummet.
  5. Your car’s user manual: See a warning light on the dash you’ve not seen before? Or are you trying to work out where your locking wheel nut key is to change your wheel? If situations like this arise and you’re without your car’s manual, you’re going to struggle.
  6. Snacks and water: If bad luck strikes and your car grinds to a halt, you could be waiting hours potentially to be recovered. Keeping some emergency snacks and water in the car will keep your energy levels up – and satisfy you a little while you wait!
  7. First aid kit: You never know what you’ll encounter on the road, and having a first aid kit in your boot could save somebody’s life.
  8. Warning triangle: Many newer cars have these stashed somewhere in the boot, but if you don’t already have one we recommend you buy one. If you break down in an awkward location – particularly on a blind hill or around a blind corner – placing one of these down the road to warn approaching motorists could prevent a serious accident.
  9. Sunglasses: Everyone should have a pair of sunglasses in the car. Particularly in winter, when the sun is low in the sky all day, these can make driving much more relaxing – and much safer.
  10. Map: A map, you say – what’s one of those? I know, we all just use our phones these days to help us get around, but what if yours runs out of battery, has no signal or just decides to give up the ghost? You’d be lost. Carrying a map is never a bad idea, even if it’s just for peace of mind.


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