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Can you learn to drive in a week or less?

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Learning to drive in just five days may seem like an impossible feat. Who are these superhuman people who claim to go from zero to ready-to-pass in such a short timeframe? And how is that even possible?

Here at GoGoGo, we’ve been proving that it is more than possible, and we’ve successfully helped hundreds of learner drivers, young and old, learn to drive in just a week.

It takes a little determination on your part, but with a tried-and-tested driving programme, we can help get you on the road faster than you might think.

Do intensive driving courses really only take 5 days to complete?

Intensive driving courses really can prepare you for your test!

You will need to put in the hours. A positive, can-do attitude will also go a long way. With a driving test, you will need to know all the rules of the road.

Sure, a little luck doesn’t hurt. You could get a relatively easy route on the day of your test, and traffic could be minimal. But, if you don’t know how to do the manoeuvres, how to approach junctions or what all the signs mean, then you’re going to be out of your depth.

With a qualified and supportive instructor by your side, the GoGoGo team believes that everyone has the chance to succeed behind the wheel.

It also helps to drive outside your scheduled sessions.

The more you drive, the more instinctive it will feel. It’s good to push yourself out of your comfort zone as well. Tackling unfamiliar routes will make you more prepared and better at dealing with new situations.

How many hours a day is an intensive driving course?

An intensive driving course is like a full day in the office. It’s stretched over five days and geared towards the concept that practice makes perfect. You’ll be out on the road a lot, which can be a much more effective way to learn compared with taking sporadic sessions, such as an hour slot each week.

Ready to get behind the wheel? What are you waiting for?

Book your intensive driving course in Peterborough with GoGoGo. With above-average pass rates, you won’t be disappointed. While we can’t guarantee you will be test-ready in the five days, we’ll give it our best shot.

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