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Can an intensive driving course help you pass first time?

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Intensive driving courses are designed to get you ready to pass your practical and theory test in just five days. Yes, you read that right – five days. If you’re feeling sceptical, we’re looking at the hard facts and statistics to see whether it has any sway on passing first time…

Most learner drivers head into their first lesson with a mixture of excitement and dread. For many, it’s the first time being behind the wheel and in control of a vehicle. However, with the dual control foot pedals, this takes away a lot of the risk.

Even on your first day of an intensive course, your instructor won’t throw you in the deep end. It’s all about repetition and working your way up until driving feels more natural.

An intensive course puts you in the driver’s seat for longer periods of time. Instead of completing weekly one-hour sessions, you are on the road for the best part of a day over the course of a week. This means you’re less likely to forget what you learnt in the previous session, and you’ll also build up your confidence more quickly. Practice makes perfect!

What do the stats say?

It’s all very well us saying that practice makes perfect. But what about the hard stats – do they back up the claim that an intensive course can boost your chances of passing first time?

The average learner driver requires around 45 hours of professional tuition to learn to drive. So, you’ll at least be in a position to pass faster. Within one to two weeks should suffice on an intensive course. This should also be paired with around 20 hours of personal practice.

No driving school or instructor can 100% guarantee that you pass first time. However, it’s always worth looking at average pass rates and comparing to their percentage. If they’re above-average, this could be a good sign.

Regardless of whether you choose an intensive course or not, it’s crucial to choose an approved driving instructor that is DVSA-qualified.

Should I GoGoGo?

Ready to learn to drive? Want to learn in the fast lane? GoGoGo has been helping learner drivers tear up their L plates, with above average pass rates. We also offer free corrective sessions if you don’t pass first time, giving you peace of mind. Still not sure our intensive driving course in Peterborough is for you? Why not check out our website to find out more.

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