Cheap Intensive Driving Courses for Beginners

Eager to gain your independence and experience the pleasure of driving your own car? Looking to save cash and be able to drive before the summer?

If you are looking for a cheaper and quicker route to passing your driving test and getting out onto the road, then consider an intensive driving course. Our driving courses here at GoGoGo Intensive offer the perfect time-saving solution at an affordable price saving you money in the long run.

Driving courses for beginners

For beginners just starting their driving journey, an intensive driving course is a quicker and cheaper alternative than traditional weekly driving lessons.

Intensive driving courses can be taken in less than a week, in fact, it takes only 5 days! Within the week, you will be taught both practical and theoretical lessons, and instead of waiting months to take your theory and practical test they are both taken within the same week.

Beginners can take full advantage of the daily lessons and watch their confidence behind the wheel soar from the start of the course to the finish. If along the way you do not pass your theory or practical test first time, we offer free corrective lessons to give you the best support and help you achieve your goal.

Traditional lessons of just a couple of hours per week mean that learning to drive and achieving a pass for both the theory and practical test can take months or even longer; so why waste time when this can all be achieved in just 5 days?

Affordable driving courses

Our driving courses have a set fee and we offer a range of financial packages to help you spread the cost. We have two options of paying for the course upfront or taking advantage of one of our financial packages such as reducing the cost to monthly instalments.

Instead of weekly driving lessons that can mount up very quickly and can be subject to prices rises our packages have no hidden fees and are a set price. On average the cost of weekly driving lessons is much higher than the cost of an intensive driving course. Our track record and proven success rate highlights just how effective an intensive driving course can be.

If you are looking for more information, or if you wish to book onto one of our affordable intensive driving courses then get in touch today! Take the first step towards your new journey in life, guaranteed you will wish you had done it sooner!