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How to Choose the Right Driving Instructor for You

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Learning how to drive can often be a long and drawn out process, especially if you choose the wrong instructor. But how do you choose the right driving instructor for your unique needs that can help you pass as fast as possible? Read on to learn more!

Choose Between Manual and Automatic

First off, you need to choose between manual and automatic. This will influence the type of driving instructor that you need to seek out, so make this decision beforehand. Manual is generally considered more difficult, but it provides you with more scope over the different car types and styles that you can drive. Automatic is much easier, but you won’t be allowed to drive any manual vehicles with such a license. It’s up to you what kind of license you’d like to get, so weigh up the pros and cons.

Think About Your Wants and Needs

When you choose a driving instructor, you need to think about your unique wants and needs. Do you need a driving instructor who specialises in nervous and anxious learners? Would you prefer a female instructor if you’re a female learner? Would you like to learn as fast as possible and take an intensive course rather than individual lessons over several months?

Take some time to consider your requirements so that you can match up with the right instructor. You should be able to find a specific type of instructor by searching online.

Read Reviews and Comments Left by Other Learners

You’ll be able to maintain confidence in an instructor that boasts lots of positive reviews from previous clients who have passed their test. So, look out for online comments left by other learners who have had lessons from your potential instructors. If you can’t find any reviews or comments for your intended instructor, then this should raise red flags about their authenticity. Pay attention to any negative reviews too – if there are only a couple of poor reviews, these may reflect more on the learner than the instructor, so be impartial whenever necessary.

Choose Your Timeframe

If you’re in a rush to learn how to drive, then booking in with a regular driving instructor probably isn’t the best option. If they have a busy schedule, then you’d be lucky to manage one driving lesson a week. This means you’ll spend months getting ready for your test when, in reality, there are much faster options to explore.

An intensive course allows you to channel much more time and energy into learning how to drive in a short period of time, usually a couple of weeks tops. If you need to learn how to drive in a limited timeframe, or just want to learn faster, then an intensive course is right for you.

Our experts can help you learn how to drive in record time, giving you the confidence you need to hit the open road in no time. If you want to learn with the best driving school Peterborough has to offer, then reach out to GoGoGo Intensive today!

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