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Are intensive driving lessons better than regular lessons?

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Want to learn to drive but feel daunted by the idea of months and months of lessons ahead? An intensive driving course might be what you need! Intensive driving lessons allow you to get your licence faster than taking regular weekly lessons by condensing the learning experience into five full days. There are numerous benefits to intensive driving lessons compared to weekly classes, many of which we’ve outlined below.

Benefits of intensive driving lessons

Get on the road quicker

Intensive driving lessons enable learners to gain their licence in a shorter timeframe, and as a result, pass their test with fewer learning hours. This shorter timeframe suits many new drivers who prefer building on their skills each day rather than spending the first half of the lesson recapping forgotten knowledge.

Pass by a certain deadline

Maybe you want to drive to a new job you’re starting soon or want to take your practical test before your theory test certificate expires. If you’re hoping to pass your driving test by a certain deadline, intensive driving lessons enable you to get on the road before your timer runs out!

Fast-track your test

The majority of intensive driving companies, like GoGoGo Intensive, will fast-track your practical test if your instructor thinks you’re ‘test ready.’ This means you don’t have to waste time waiting for a practical test slot to become available in your area.

Save money in the long run

While the cost of an intensive driving course might seem expensive upfront, learning to drive this way can help you save money in the long run. You’ll likely be able to pass with fewer lessons, which reduces the overall cost, while not needing to practice as much between lessons will eliminate additional insurance and fuel costs.

What are the advantages of intensive driving courses over weekly lessons?

If you’re only doing one or two driving lessons a week, chances are you’ll have some gaps in your learning and will keep having to familiarise yourself with what you learned the week before. It’s also pretty normal for your confidence to diminish if you’re not regularly spending time behind the wheel.

Instead, intensive driving lessons can keep you fully immersed in learning to drive for five complete days, getting you ready to pass your test at the end of the complete course.

Looking for an intensive driving course in Peterborough? The experienced team at GoGoGo is on hand to help you get your licence and officially get you behind the wheel!

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