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How Long Are Driving Tests?

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If you’re ready to take your driving test, you’ll likely have plenty of questions. What manoeuvres will I have to do? How many minors will cause me to fail? How long will I be driving for? In this guide, we’re looking at the length of the driving test, including a full breakdown of what you’re expected to do in this time.

The practical test normally lasts about 40 minutes.

What you will be expected to do during this time

We understand that taking your driving test can be a daunting prospect. Hopefully getting to know exactly what’s expected will put you at ease.

What happens at the start?

The start of the test is when you’re likely to feel nervous. As the adrenaline kicks in, just remember that the test will be over in less than an hour and today could be your lucky day. After all, you wouldn’t have been put forward for the test if your instructor didn’t feel you were ready.

Before you start driving you will do a quick eye test. This simply involves reading a number plate from a distance. From there, you will move on to the ‘show me, tell me’ questions. You should have rehearsed these with your instructor and in your spare time.

20 Mins – Independent driving

Half of your test will involve independent driving. You will follow directions on the sat nav. Or, you will be asked to follow traffic signs instead.

It doesn’t matter whether you drive the wrong way. What matters is that you follow the rules of the road.

The other 20 minutes will involve following instructions from your examiner. This will include demonstrating a manoeuvre and navigating a range of roads and junctions.

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