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10 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Your Driving Test

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Taking your driving test can be a nerve-wracking experience, and you’re bound to make a few mistakes along the way as a result. But what are the most common mistakes that people make during their driving test? Read on to discover more!

Not Putting Your Seatbelt On

You’d be surprised, but lots of people actually fail their test at the very first hurdle by not putting their seatbelt on! Putting your seatbelt on should always be the first thing that you do when you get into any vehicle. 

Not Wearing The Right Shoes 

Turning up to your driving test in flips flops or stilettos is a big no no. You need full coverage shoes that give you full grip on the pedals if you want to drive smoothly with no errors. 

Ignoring Your Mirrors 

You should always adjust your mirrors to suit your needs, as they won’t be set up perfectly when you first get into your test vehicle. Check the mirrors and make sure you can see properly, as this will have a huge impact on your driving. 

Being Too Nervous To Focus 

If you’re too nervous to give driving your full attention, then you’re not ready to take your test. Being too anxious could result in a serious error, so take some more time to practice and build up your confidence before you take your test. 

Failing To Look Both Ways Before Pulling Out

You should always look both ways before pulling out at a junction, as this is something that every driving examiner will no doubt be checking for. Even if you ‘think’ there’s no one coming, always check both ways before pulling out. 

Not Paying Attention To Traffic Lights 

Ignoring a traffic light could land you with an instant fail. Always keep your eyes peeled for traffic lights, and be wary of ‘orange’ lights – it’s best to wait for green to be completely confident of your safety and the safety of other road users.  

Failing To Park Correctly 

The chances are, you’re going to have to show off your parking skills. This might mean reversing into a space or even parallel parking, so make sure you practice this before you take your driving test if you want to pass with flying colours. 

Only Putting One Hand On The Steering Wheel

Even if you’re totally confident driving with one hand, you should always put two hands on the steering wheel while you are driving. Using two hands gives you more control over your vehicle. 

Driving Outside Of The Lines 

The only time you should drive outside of the lines is when you’re overtaking someone. You need to show your examiner that you can drive sensibly in the designated lanes, so don’t drive outside the lines during your test. 

Getting Into The Wrong Lane 

There are different lanes on busier roads, islands and other places for a reason, so make sure you get into the right lane when possible. Our experts can help you navigate the choppy waters of learning how to drive. If you want to learn with the best driving school Peterborough has to offer, then reach out to GoGoGo Intensive today!

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